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Interview Hugh Neil, group director Margin.

Margin (Art & Media); The company

What sort of Art company is Margin ( Art & Media)?
As a leading dutch art company, we specialise in Art sales & exhibitions, art portfolio management & Margin Art foundation.

What makes you different from other art companies?
We operate in Asia ( Vietnam, Hong Kong), Europe & North America.

We are a client driven & a customer focused company. Our clients are culturally diverse .

Is your work difficult?
I would replace the word difficult with challenging. Our clients are demanding. But for us this is good. They force us to keep on our toes as we up our game.

Do you have future plans?
We are opening new operations in Singapore & South Korea & our expansion in New York.

These plans must take a lot of resources…
We have additional corporate shareholders. Their investment finances our expansion.

Are you happy with your private reception in the UK House of Lord’s in September 2019? 
It is an honour to be invited by this great British institution. We are most grateful.
I am particularly very pleased to support Nora Kastein. Nora is a special talent. The Dutch nation has produced another exceptional artist.

Thank you for talking to Pulp de Luxe magazine.
Thank you for your coverage and support.

Margin (Art & Media) bv – www.margin-am.nl