Planet J – Amnesty International – Director’s Cut

A short film about a new, different planet and a same world.

“Planet  J is a story best place to buy viagra online forum of journey and a discovery, of hope and possibility, of our present and our future. A fable, a metaphor on intelligent life and human rights, on space and on our time. A story of a different planet and a same world.”

Director’s cut version

Production: Newgold
Direction and Design: Alessandro Novelli

Animation: Laura Sofia Gonçalves, Alessandro Novelli, Ines Teixeira.
Cleaning and Painting: Laura Sofia Gonçalves, Alessandro Novelli, Ines Teixeira, Diana Peixoto.

for ContrapuntoBBDO:

Executive Creative Director: Carlos Jorge
Creative Director: Antonio Castillo, Lolo Ortega
Art Director: Raúl López

Graphic Design and Communication: Catherine Correa, Jorge Aguado

Account supervisor: Ana Esther Martinez
Producers: Gema Crespo, Melissa Ferrero, Vanessa Castro

Music and Sound Design:
Summer Music Studios, Javier Bayón, Josep Vilagut

Agency: ContrapuntoBBDO
Client: Amnesty International



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