POPPOSITIONS’ 7th edition

An annual assembly in Brussels of galleries, artist initiatives and project spaces. Conceived as an experiment with the art fair format, POPPOSITIONS aims to occupy an independent and critical position.


POPPOSITIONS was established by Liv Vaisberg, joined by Pieter Vermeulen, Bart Verschueren and Edouard Meier in 2011 as a counterpoint to mainstream art fairs, and has grown into the leading alternative market for contemporary art.

There are no white booths to be found here. Instead, POPPOSITIONS presents emerging talent in a site-specific context, occupying a different space each year.

POPPOSITIONS is more than an art fair. It encourages new, experimental and innovative approaches to the art market. It is both a curated exhibition and an ongoing critical dialogue.

POPPOSITIONS strongly believes in a collaborative approach by working closely with artists, curators and collectors.

POPPOSITIONS attracts wide support from the art sector and benefits from extensive media coverage.
POPPOSITIONS’ 7th edition will take place in Brussels
from April 19th until 22nd April 2018.
POPPOSITIONS changes location every year.
This edition will be held at the former Ateliers Coppens  in the heart of the Dansaert neighborhood. 



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